What is Augmented Reality? Methodology and usage


Augmented reality is an advanced form of virtual reality, in which a virtual scene is created by showing computer-generated graphics in the real environment around you. That is, a new environment is created by adding a virtual environment to the environment around you, which looks absolutely real. Means augmented render over increasing anything before or better | That is, this technology cannot work alone. It needs a ready-made environment in which it combines some objects through virtual reality to create a new virtual environment that looks real.It is like virtual reality but it does not take you into any new world, but keeps you in your own world and gives you some new things. Which in reality is not there.

How does Augmented Reality work?

In augmented reality, you see some new things in the real world itself. In fact, digital objects such as photos, videos, animation, text, graphics, etc. are added to the real world things in a digital way and we get an idea of ​​those new things in our own world. The working of this technique depends on the following three things –

  1. Motion trackingWhen you open an app of an augmented reality, the mobile’s gyroscope sensor is activated along with the camera in your mobile, which tells the app of that augmented reality your mobile position like your mobile X, Y And how many degrees is tilted by the Z axis. With the help of this sensor, the correct position of your mobile is detected and accordingly you are shown a new object in your own environment.
  2. Light estimationSensors in augmented reality devices measure the light in your environment and adjust the light and shadow of virtual objects in the new virtual environment accordingly. This feature is not available in mobile but is available in dedicated augmented reality. With this feature, new computer generated graphics look absolutely real.
  3. Flat surfaceFor working in augmented reality, a flat surface of your real environment is needed so that the application of augmented reality can establish its virtual modal on that real surface and create a new world for you on that surface.

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Use of Augmented Reality –

Technology is always made to do our work, so let’s see in which areas augmented reality has made our work easier –

  • Digital gamingThe use of this technology in digital gaming is growing very fast because it makes you feel new in your own environment. In this technology, your favorite gaming characters are seen running on your table or on your floor, which is very interesting. Now is the time when people wanted to play the game, now people wanted to live the game. Therefore, gaming companies have also started using this technology to meet the demands of their customers. Pokemon Go is an example of a game in which you see new characters in your world.
  • education today’s era, a very interesting means of providing education with the help of technology, has become available, with the help of which students can easily learn new and difficult things with great interest. Today students study computers, projectors, and smart classes. In such a situation, this technology is making education even easier, in which the virtual model is shown in front of your eyes that you are studying, that is, you are not only reading about something but learning by looking at that object. Is, For example, suppose you are studying engineering and studying about an engine, then it would be great if you could read that engine as well as see it, not only that, if you want that engine now Opening can also be seen. All this is possible with the help of augmented reality, in which the virtual 3D modal of that engine is presented in front of your eyes.
  • military training this technology is also being used to train the army for war or to explain the strategy of war to the army, where the army can be trained by showing them a virtual battleground and by showing a virtual 3D modal of war strategy of war. It is easy to explain. Through this technology, this work can be done at a low cost and easily.
  • Engineering design this technology is being used as a 3D model in engineering design. In which before making a project, it can be estimated that what will the project look like after it is made so that possible changes can be made in advance.
  • shopping in today’s era, people do not buy anything without testing it. In such a situation, this technology is proving to be a boon for shopkeepers and customers, in which the customer can easily check and then buy the goods virtually. For example, if the customer wants to shop for clothes, it is very boring to wear favorite clothes and check every time. With the help of this technology, customers can wear those clothes virtually and see how these clothes look on them. If you want to buy a sofa set, then you will definitely want to first check how that sofa set will look in your house. This is possible with augmented reality. In which before you buy a sofa set, you can find out how this sofa set will look in your house. This allows customers to shop quickly and easily.
  • Treatment Augmented reality is used in this field to train new doctors, in which doctors can learn about the methods of treatment using a virtual body. This will reduce the dependence of doctors on the use of the dead body.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the technology by which photos, videos, games, links and other digital information can be displayed in different real worlds virtually. This can be seen with the help of Wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets.Are augmented reality and virtual reality the same?

No, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both different technologies.
In virtual reality, the real world is transformed into a virtual world. Which does not exist in the real world? While in augmented reality, new things are introduced by adding new objects in the real world.



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