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Friends, you will learn how to get the deleted data back from the method I am going to tell you today. If you have any problem in this article ” How to recover data ” or if you have any questions, please tell us in the comment box. Recovering data is a very important process and can be used anytime. In this process, you recover your deleted data. Data means your photos, songs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or any other file. You can do the following types of work in the manner described here –

  • Can bring the deleted photo back.
  • Can bring deleted songs back.
  • Bring all the memory card or pen drive stuff back.
  • Recover MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel file

 Data is the most important thing for us. We preserve our photos, favorite songs, videos, important business files, etc. so that we can use them later when needed. We often store our important data in the computer, memory card, pen drive, external hard disk, etc. But many times a necessary file is deleted by mistake from us or someone else or the storage device gets corrupted. By which we are forced to format the device and our required files are deleted. This is a very painful event, you may have to suffer loss in business due to this incident. The data such as to recover most important is | You can do this work with the help of professional software, whose link you will find in this article.

After all, how is the deleted data recovered

This question must have come in the mind of almost everyone, how can the data be recovered even after deleting the data. How is this possible? To know the answer. Whenever you put a file in memory, that file is stored in binary format ie 0 and 1 in one place in the memory. That place has a unique address. The information about that file and its address are kept in a table. Whenever you try to access a file kept in memory, it is first seen in this table whether the file is in memory or not. If that file is lying in memory, then you are shown otherwise not. Whenever you delete a file kept in memory, the entry of that file is deleted from that table. But your file is still stored in memory. That is why when you copy a file, it takes more time. But when you delete the same file, it takes less time because while deleting, only the entry of that file is deleted from the table and not the entire file. That is, even after you delete a file, that file remains in your storage device. In this case, the data recovery software reads the binary data of that storage device directly and creates a temporary new table. So that we can access those files. 25 New Computer Tricks – You should know

Reason for not recovering data

Now know which is the situation in which data recovery software does not recover our files. Deleting the entry from the table means that there is no more work file on that memory address. So whenever you copy a new file, it overwrites the old file ( whose entry is no longer in the table ) stored on that memory address. Once overwritten, the file cannot be recovered. Because that file is now completely removed from your storage device. That is, the data recovery software only works to rebuild that table. Which contains complete information about your file or data. Click on the button below to download and install the software of data recovery. How to increase computer speed

How to get deleted data back: Process

The time needed: 2 minutes.

Now, let’s talk about how to recover data. Read and follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Data Recovery SoftwareClick on the link below to download and install the data recovery software.

    Download data recovery software
  2. Select memory for data recovery now open this software, select the storage device you want to recover. If you want, you can also recover data by targeting one location in the Specify a location section. This will save time.
  3. Select the files to recover. Now click on Scan and wait for some time.
    Once the scan is complete, select all your required files from the left-hand directory. Now click on Recover.
  4. Recovery data now set the location where you want to keep your recovered data. Then click on OK. This will give you your selected files.

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