How to earn millions on Facebook – 13 easy ways


Do you want to earn money from Facebook? Facebook is a great platform to earn money online. There are many ways on Fb that you can earn money online .

Many people think that, Facebook means a place to do online chat, likes, comments. But do you know that you can earn good by selling Facebook likes, too. And on this post, I will tell you about how to earn money from Facebook.

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What to do to earn money from Facebook

To earn money from Fb, it is very important to have a Facebook account . Then you must also have your own group and page.

But there will not be at least 10,000 active members or likes on it, because there will be a weak group and page. Then you can easily earn money from fb .

How to earn money from facebook

It is also true that you cannot earn money directly from Fb. But you can earn millions rupees online by using Facebook.

Below, I will tell you 13 such ways to make money from Facebook . By following these, you can easily earn money sitting at home through Facebook.

1) Make money by selling your product

You must have shared your Facebook page and groups par photos, articles or status.

If you have any of your own products, you can promote and sell them on Fb page and groups.

And for this you do not even need to create an online store .

You should share the products on your page and groups. Also add the details of the product along with it. For example, product name, features, price, Contact No, etc.

If someone likes your product, then they can make direct purchases from you. With which you can earn good through Facebook .

2) Make money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from Facebook. In affiliate marketing , you have to sell other’s products. And on this you get commission according to the products.

Like suppose you have good likes on your Facebook. And you also join many groups. So you sign up on affiliate of top affiliate sites like Flipkart , Amazon , Snapdeal etc site.

And to create an account on affiliate you can use E mail. Then share the affiliate link of the product you want to sell on your Facebook page and groups.

Then whatever people buy anything from your affiliate site through that link, you will get its commission .

3) Earn money from Facebook Page

If you have good likes on your Facebook page , then your Facebook page is also a great way to earn money from Facebook.

And if you do not have an fb page, first create a Facebook page . And then increase his likes. Which you can show your content to many people.

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook page like,

Sell ​​own product: You can earn money from Facebook by digging products on your page.

Sponsored post: You can also take money from other sponsored posts on your page from them.

Also, you can earn money through Facebook by promoting ads, service, and other companies on your fb page.

Or you can also earn money from your Facebook page by joining desipearl websites . And for this you have to apply on desiperal. And after the account is approved, share the social promo links from desiperal on your page. Then whenever someone clicks on your link, you will get money.

In any of these ways mentioned above, you can earn millions rupees through your Facebook page. Just have more than 5000 likes on your page for this. And your members should also be active.

And if there are not many likes on your page. But there are many active members in your group, even then you can earn money from your fb group in these ways.

4) Earn money by becoming Facebook Marketer

If you have good knowledge of online marketing, then as a Facebook marketer, you can also earn money from Facebook. And for this, you join Freelancer sites. On which you will find many people who will give you money to promote or marketing your product on Facebook.

But in this, you should know the strategy of Facebook marketing. Like when sharing a post on fb will be more profit, in which time there is more engagement on Facebook. How to promote the product? You should know this well.

5) Make Money by selling Facebook Page, Groups

Yes, you can also earn good by selling Fb page, Groups. Suppose you have a page or group with good and high members. So you can earn money by selling your Facebook page. And on this you can take money according to per likes.

To sell Facebook page, you share a post. And add the price of the page on it and share the post on your page, groups, as well as all the groups you have added to it.

Whoever needs your page will contact you and buy the page.

In the same way you can earn money by selling your Facebook group too.

6) Earn money from Facebook Apps

If you like to develop apps, then you have to make liye apps of Facebook and you can earn money from Facebook by promoting ads or other products, service.

7) Earn money by managing Facebook accounts

Managing a Facebook account of a company or celebrity is a very good way to earn money sitting at home. And online you will get social media management jobs very easily .

We also know such a person by the name of social media manager, Facebook, Assistant, Social Media expert, Social Media specialist, etc. And you can also do it like part time or full time to do a good and extra income .

8) Earn money from PPC Network

PPC means pay per click, the more clicks on your content on it, you will get money accordingly.

To earn money from Facebook through this network, you join a PPC network like Viral9, Revcontent. And share their content on your Groups and pages.

Then the more clicks on your content. Your income will be higher.

9) Make money from Facebook by sharing video

You can also earn money from fb by sharing videos of other people. And for this you join on vidinterest like PPV Network. And then share their videos on your fb account, page and groups.

On PPV network you get money according to pay per view. That is, the more viwe will be on your videos, the more PPV network you can earn money from.

10) Join PPD (Pay per Download) Program

On the PPD program of PPV, you get money according to pay per download. And the more you download on it, the more commission you will get.

So you join the best PPV network like Fileice, Sharecash, UploadSmith and share on your Facebook page, Groups, account. And on these you will get about 10 rupees per 1000 download i.e. 700 rupees.

11) earn money from PPC Network

PPC Network is also a great way to earn money from Facebook. PPC means pay per click. The more clicks on the content you share on it, the more your income will be

You will find many Best PPC network online. On which you can join and share their content. The amount of clicks your content gets, you get paid accordingly.

12) Make money by selling Facebook account

Old Facebook account has a different demand. And social media marketers who buy such accounts. Because Facebook gives more preference to old accounts.

If you have a good fan following old Facebook account, then you can earn money from Facebook by selling your account.

13) Earn money from Direct Advertising

Many people search active groups and pages to promote their product, online business, website, blog, YouTube channel. If you have good traffic, then you can charge for advertising on your page or group.

These were some easy ways to earn money from Facebook. In one of these ways, you can earn good through Facebook.

So friends expect how to earn money from Facebook. You found this information good and helpful. But if you have any question related to this post, then tell it on the comment box below. I will be happy to help you.



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