How to add a location on google map


Today in this article is that you learn to pronounce the location to add a Google Map | You can add the location of any place to Google Map. Whether it is yours or owned by someone else. You can also enter the address of your house or shop, and you can choke your colleagues by putting your shop on Google map as described here. By entering your home address, you can easily say to your friends, “Search my address on Googlemap”. And your friends will easily reach your home. The biggest thing here yourself or anyone at Google to add location to another store no charge | This service is completely free. Just to enter the location of your home, shop or office, you just need to explain its process so that you can add the location easily without any problem. Google Map is a very useful application. Especially when you are in a new place and you do not know about the place nearby, then Google Map is a boon for you which does not let you feel at all that you are in an unknown place. Its GPS tracking technology makes it even more fun. 

my home's location on google map
My Home’s Location on google map

 If you have a Google Map, there is no better guide to this new place. If you have ever used Google Map, then you would know that almost everywhere has been told on Google Map, but have you ever thought that how much information has come on Google, who puts all this? So let me tell you that you and people like us put this information. We see our house, school, hotel etc. on Google map but we have to give information about them. There is no charge to put any location here, it is completely free. If you want, you can put your home address on Google Map.

In Google Map you get the following types of views –

These views of Google Map have different roles at different places. Each has its own unique feature, so let’s know a little about this view once.

  1. SatelliteFrom this view you can see the map of real houses, in which you see the roofs of all the houses and the real road, real park etc. This is the real image taken by satellite.
  2. trainIf you travel by train then this view is very useful for you. In this, you are shown the railroad and the other things which are not useful are hidden.
  3. TransportIt shows you the places related to transport on priority.
  4. The trafficThis view of Google Map tells you which place has more traffic and which place has less traffic. If you get stuck in traffic again and again, it will prove very useful for you.
  5. CyclingThis view tells you about the paths that can be used for cycling, i.e. this view also shows you the paths from which a bicycle can go but a big one cannot go there.
Google map's all views
Different-different views of Google Map

What is Google Map?

Google Map is a free service provided by Google on which the map of the entire world is stored digitally. Google Map was launched on July 8, 2005 and today it has become very advanced. Its URL is .

How to add location on Google Map (Add location on Google Map)

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Adding any location on Google map is very easy, just follow these steps given below –

  1. Open google mapFirst of all, turn on your mobile’s data and location (GPS).
    Now open Google Map.
    Click on the icon shown in the photo.
  2. Go to the menu.1. Now click on the screen shown on the satellite. Although it is not necessary that you select the satellite view, but this view will help you to select the location later.
    2. Now click on the ☰ menu button.
  3. Click on Add a missing place.Now click on Add a missing place in the menu.
  4. Enter the information of that place and submit it.1. Enter the name of the place to which you are going to add here.
    2. From the given list, you select the category which belongs to that place.
    3. With the help of the given map, set the correct location of that place.
    4. Set the hour in which that place is open to the public. This information is optional.
    5. Set a mobile number to contact that place. If you want, you can leave it empty.
    6. If there is a website of that place, then enter it here otherwise leave it blank.
    7. Put on it the days on which this place remains open for public. This is also optional.
    8. Now if you have a photo of that place, upload it here. If you want, you can click here and put a real-time picture.
    9. Click this button and save this information. After doing this, the information given by you will reach Google, which Google will verify and inform you.


How to edit location and other information on Google Map ?

Once a location has been added to Google Map, you can report to Google with the correct information, but you cannot edit directly from Google Map, even if you have added that location. If you want to keep this information under your control, then you create your account on Google My Business and then add the location of your business.How long does the location show after adding location on Google Map ?

After adding a location on Google Map, Google verifies the location which normally takes 30 minutes to 4 hours but in some cases it takes 2-3 days. You can check its status in Google Map by going to Menu >> Your Contributions >> Edits and check whether the location you entered is published or rejected.



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