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Today, scientists are engaged in creating an artificial mind that can think, take a decision, respond and store things in memory. The name of this brain is Blue Brain and this technology is called Blue Brain Technology. The main objective of making it is to “upload the brain of a human being into the artificial mind” so that the data that is in his brain after the death of a human being is safe and can be useful for us. Now we try to find out what work will be done for the data of another human brain. Let’s take an example. The great scientist Albert Einstein who has died, which is a very sad event. Because we were deprived of even more new inventions by them. His intelligence and knowledge also went with him. It is believed that if we had the data of his brain, then even after his death, his research, intelligence and knowledge would be among us and we can upload and process that data in blue brain. That means, Albert Einstein would have been among us today and was inventing new innovations. But I would say that research done by artificial intelligence like this would be faster because machine can work faster than humans. Technology is growing fast today. In addition, IBM and  Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) , the scientists of the Brain  and Mind Institute, are engaged in making Blue Brain. The work of making this brain is being done by reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is the branch of engineering in which an attempt is made to create something similar by looking at something made.

After uploading the brain of man in blue brain, his biological form will be shown as a working 3D (stereoscopic) model by high speed electro chemical interaction. From this output, information can also be taken about the cognitive functions of the person like his language, his way of learning, his way of guessing or if he has a disease. Actually we can say that blue brain is the technology by which we can give the machine the power to think. After the arrival of this technology, machines will start thinking too and we will be free from this work too. Isn’t this a wonderful technology? So, first of all, let us know that this technology is still in the works and according to an estimate, in the coming 30 years this technology will be in our midst and we will be able to upload ourselves into the computer.
Blue brain will also help us to understand the human brain more, so that solutions to many incurable diseases can also be found. This brain supercomputer will work with the help of “Blue Gene”. By which it can react in the same way as the natural brain and will be able to store the data of the brain of any person and act like that person even if that person has died. 

Blue Gene Super Computer
Blue Gene Super Computer which is used in blue brain

History of blue brain

This project is named Blue Brain Project. The project was started in May 2005 by the  Brain and Mind Institute of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland in collaboration with IBM. This project N euroscientist Dr. Under the leadership of Henry Markram. In which a super computer named Blue Gene has been used, which is  running on Michael Hines’s NEURON software. Its 3D output is not just a simulation but it is a realistic 3D simulation of the biological form of the neuronus.

Its progress is given in the table below.

2005Create the first single cellular model
2007The first phase of the project was completed, in which the research of Neocortical column, data drive process etc. were completed.
2008The first artificial cellular neocortical column was prepared, consisting of 10,000 cells.
2011A cellular Mesocircuit consisting of 100 Neocortical columns was created.
2014A rat brain was formed by mixing 100 Mesocircuits.

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Uploading the brain

Before using blue brain, we have to upload the brain of a human being. This means that the data of a person’s brain has to be transferred to the blue brain so that the blue brain can react like that person. But for this, first we have to scan the brain of that person so that we can take data from his brain. Here comes the concept of nenobots. Actually, these are very small robots that are transported in the body of the person whose brain data is to be taken. After reaching the body, these boats carefully scan the person’s brain and send the data to the blue brain. 

Nanobots for uploading data into bluebrain
Nanobots for uploading data from human brain to blue brain

Need of Blue Brain | Blue brain needed

Today, blue brain is being created so that we can protect the intelligence of human beings   because  intelligence cannot be created. It only comes with birth and goes with death. But our society needs that  intelligence so that we can progress quickly because  not every human is  intelligent. Its solution is in Blue Brain Technology.We often have difficulty remembering things like name, date, words, sp, ellings, grammar history, etc. of a person. In today’s busy life, everyone wants to be free from these things. That’s why blue brain can help us like an assistant.

Natural Brain vs Blue Brain

Basis onNatural BrainBlue Brain
InputNeurons are responsible for the exchange of information in our body. Our body takes input from Sensory cells and makes electric impulses which are recieve by neurons and sent to our brain.In this process artificial neurons are used which are made of silicon chip. Which take input from sensory cells and with the help of electric impulses, that input is sent to supercomputer.
InterpretationThis process occurs according to the state of different neurons.Artificial neurons are used in this process, in which the interretation takes place according to the different state of the registers.
OutputAccording to Interpratatino, the brain of man sends signals to cells to do any work and that part of our body responds.Similarly, according to the state of registers, blue brain also sends signals to artificial neurons and 3D output is seen.
MemoryThere are many other neurons in our brain that store different states. Whenever we have to remember something, then we interprete the status of those neurons.In this brain, data is stored as separate states of Registers.
ProcessingWhen we think of something, we actually make logical and arithmetic calculations in the neural circuitry of our brain as well as keeping in mind the old memory and current situations.The same thing happens here but all this (arithmetic and logical calculation) happens in a supercomputer.

Advantages of Blue Brain | Benefits of blue brain

  1. We will be able to remember things without any hard work.
  2. In the absence of any person, we can take big decisions.
  3. Even after the death of a person, we can use his intelligence.
  4. You will easily find a cure for diseases.
  5. Research work will start to be completed soon.
  6. The same person can do different tasks at the same time.

Disadvantages of Blue Brain | Blue brain damage

  1. We will become very much dependent on computer.
  2. Another person can also use the intelligence of Blue Brain against us.
  3. Computer viruses can interfere with its functioning.
  4. Cloning of Humans can begin.



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