BREAKING: AG Barr Takes Control Of Legal Matters Of Interest To Trump

On Tuesday, Trump associate Roger Stone was recommended to serve up to nine years for lying to Congress and witness tampering. After senior Justice Department officials and AG Barr publicly rebuked this sentencing recommendation, four federal prosecutors withdrew from the case, with one resigning from their position altogether.

Shortly after, NBC News reported that Barr has decided to “take control of legal matters of personal interest to Donald Trump.”

According to a person familiar with the matter, President Trump has abruptly rescinded his nomination of Jessie Liu for the undersecretary at the Treasury Department. Jessie Liu is the state attorney who presided over the inconclusive criminal investigation into McCabe, and supervised the case against Roger Stone. She has now been replaced by a former prosecutor hand selected by Barr.

On Wednesday, President Trump thanked Barr, tweeting:

Attorney General Barr has made several big moves recently for President Trump recently, and reports say he may be opening another investigation, separate from the Durham probe, into Ukraine matters. He has also confirmed that the Justice Department is reviewing information received from Giuliani on the Biden’s.

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