Protect from Reduced Blood Anemia!

Blood acts as energy and construction in the body. The average blood volume in men and women is 5.5 liters, while in women, the average blood volume is 4.5 and four liters. There are two parts of the blood in a cell called the cellular part, and it is 45% of the blood, while the non-cellular part is called the plasma. And it accounts for 55% of the blood.

Anemia means an excessive amount of blood in the human body. Red blood cells refer to red blood cells called erythrocytes in the medical language. These are red cells containing Hemoglobin (HB). That is why their color is red. Hemoglobin, together with red cells, transports oxygen to the connective tissue of each organ. When it comes to hemoglobin, it is a combination of two words. Heme is a steel iron, while Globin means protein. When it comes to their ratio, heme is 4%, while Globin is 96% by hemoglobin. For anemia, the same hemoglobin test is called HB. In a healthy male = 14 to 16 gm / 100ml while in women the amount of Hb = 12 to 14gm / 100ml and in the newborn baby it is calculated as = 23gm / 100ml. Allah has a system of delivering oxygen to every TISSUE of the human body and bringing back carbon dioxide. This red cell function is accomplished by hemoglobin.

Causes of Anemia due to anemia.

There are many causes of anemia. Generally divided into three groups

Blood loss Hemorrhagic Anemia:

Blood loss due to loss of blood: Sometimes, an excess of blood is lost in diseases like injury, maternal or cancer. Many diseases, such as Peptic ulcer, stomach worsening parasitic (Hookworm), which causes anemia in the body.

Reduction in the formation or defect of red cells:

Impaired red cell anemia: There are several causes for red cell deficiency in the body, Such as lack of vitamins, deficiency of iron, bone loss, or other diseases as the body needs. In addition, smoking, weight gain, or increasing age can cause the disease. Rate of Destruction of RBCs – Blood loss due to destruction of red cells: Those whose red cells are weak are bursting with slight pressure. In addition to the liver or kidney disease, the toxins from the body also cause anemia. Such anemia is called hemolytic anemia.

Symptoms of anemia of anemia.

All types of anemia are usually yellow or yellowish in color.

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Headache۔ Dizziness
  • Breathlessness and irregular heartbeat –
  • Hands and feet hearing or feeling cold Etc.

There are numerous types of anemia, but three types are usually found in cases of anemia.

Palm Date:

Palm is an effective means of controlling the timing of food addiction while it also increases iron levels. Diabetes patients also need caution in this regard: Dry apricot Dry Aprico – Another great fruit to protect against anemia is dry asparagus, which contains iron and vitamin C as well as fiber. A helpful ingredient in preventing constipation. Mulberry is an iron-rich fruit that also contains high levels of proteins that help raise hemoglobin levels. Pomegranate also helps to increase the level of hemoglobin. Which is due to the presence of vitamin C in it, which increases the presence of iron.


Watermelon not only eliminates water deficiency in the body but also effectively raises hemoglobin levels in the body.


Potato is rich in fiber, which is also effective in treating constipation, but it is also helpful in increasing the amount of iron hemoglobin present in it.


Calcium is rich in fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, and iron, its moderate amount of use is enough to satisfy anemia within a few days, but it should be avoided by eating more. Yes, they are also rich in protein and iron, which is perfect for hemoglobin.

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